Cerium Tungsten Electrodes Property

Cerium Tungsten Electrodes Picture

The advantages of cerium tungsten electrodes are no radiation, low melting rate, and long welding life.  Cerium tungsten electrode is the best product in the low current welding situation and is also the model for most manufacturers with orbital welding equipments, Moreover; this is also used in other low current, such as tiny and intricate parts, welding.

cerium tungsten electrodes property of tungsten and the environmental value of this kind of electrodes. the tip color of cerium tungsten electrodes is grey.

cerium tungsten electrodes have following advantages compared to the thorium tungsten electrode: thorium tungsten electrodes have slight radiation, and they work in high electric current. However, cerium tungsten electrodes are non-radiation material for welding, and can work under low amperage.

cerium tungsten electrodes are the replacement of thoriated tungsten electrodes. Another chemical stability of cerium tungsten electrodes is that their cathode spots is small, pressure drop, and less burning, so is the most widely TIG welding a tungsten.